Social License Platform

Where responsible business meets local expertise

The Social License Platform

Where responsible business meets local expertise

Finding and Facilitating Partnerships for Better Land-Based Investments

The Social License Platform (SLP) connects companies and investors with localized expertise to make smarter and more successful investments in land while promoting better outcomes for local communities. Businesses use the platform to find and hire service providers for a range of environmental and social services across diverse sectors, while service providers use the platform to identify and bid on new projects.

Registered businesses post project needs and review proposals submitted via the SLP before hiring the service provider with the right combination of skills and local knowledge for the job. This engagement helps businesses and investors operate efficiently and reduce risks, expands local service providers’ impact, and empowers communities to engage effectively with businesses.

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How it works

The SLP is dedicated to both businesses and service providers. This means that our Users will be in search of either experts or projects and will follow these simple steps to become connected.

If you are looking for experts

Register: Once you register and complete your profile, you can post your project needs, view registered provider profiles and access our resource center.

Post: Our templates make it easy to craft Terms of Reference (ToRs) for a range of projects, with additional support available from SLP personnel to support project design.

Match: You can customize how ToRs are distributed to fit your needs. We use expert experience to match you with the best candidate for your needs.

Hire: You can browse profiles, review proposals from experts, and manage the project, all within the platform.

If you are looking for projects

Register: Once you register and complete your profile, you can search for projects, submit proposals and access the User Directory.

Find: Review open ToRs for a range of projects, and receive customized matches with opportunities based on your SLP User Profile.

Get Hired: Build and submit proposals easily with our templates and support from SLP experts, and use the SLP to submit documents and manage projects.


Begin posting your projects or submitting your proposals, access training and support services, and browse the User Directory to begin building your network.

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