Social License Platform

Where responsible business meets local expertise

The Social License Platform

Where responsible business meets local expertise

What we do

The Social License Platform (SLP) makes responsible business cheaper, easier, and more successful. The platform provides independent guidance, training, and a hub for procuring vetted, high quality consultants on the ground in emerging markets, facilitated by our Support Team of international experts. Find out more

How it works

The SLP helps businesses procure a broad range of services, focused on social areas like community engagement and social risk management. The SLP provides a simple process for businesses and providers of these services to work together successfully.

Businesses can post project needsreview proposals and hire qualified experts from one place, with full control over the confidentiality of their tenderOur Support Team vets all users on the platform and provides independent support to ensure high-quality service delivery in line with responsible practice. Find out more

Register: Complete registration to post and access support.

Post: Post tenders for any provider, or confidentially to a curated set

Match: Providers have been DDed and evaluated to help you match.

Hire: Review bids, contracts and reporting with expert support.

“It was really helpful to receive proposals that were in the same format – it made it a lot easier to compare the bids.”
Investee user

Resources for businesses

The SLP helps businesses improve their social and environmental impact and reporting, connecting them with experts and support to inform their strategy and take practical action. Our Business Hub brings together a range of resources to help companies and investors to connect and learn about responsible business practices – and how these can impact your bottom line.

Visit the Business Hub

The SLP Business Hub connects companies and investors to expertise, capital, and partners, and provides free training and resources on how responsible practice can improve your bottom line.

Access confidential and independent expert advice, on demand, via the Help Desk

Want to talk to an expert or ask a question confidentially and anonymously? Get in touch with the SLP’s in-house experts for free at the Social License Help Desk.

Explore our training modules and browse our curated guidance on best practices at the Resource Center

Access cost effective, actionable strategies and tools for international experts here.

Opportunities page

Find a selection of tenders for services and opportunities for sustainable businesses curated by the SLP Support team here.


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