SLP DB UI: DD User Summary

Due Diligence – User Summary

The Due Diligence user summary page will, once development is complete, automatically be updated with the data captured in the various steps of due diligence. The Admin will be able to come to this page and search for the specific User that they wish to review.

Currently the page represents the framework for the DD user summary page that we would like to automate. The page is simply a layout of features and therefore has no functionality.

Step 1 


Risk level

Complete/In Progress/Awaiting User Data


Step 2

Status: Complete

Skills to be activated

Skills requiring more information

Additional not-selected skill area relevant to user

Risk level: Medium

Outgrower engagement


Land valuation

Step 3

Status: Complete


Risk level: Low

Step 4

Status: Complete


Risk level: Low

​ User Approved and accepted