Business Hub

Business Hub

The SLP helps responsible business to improve their impact and reporting and connect with experts that can take them to the next level. We want to make responsible business in emerging markets cheaper, easier and more successful.

We do this by connecting companies and investors to expertise, capital, and partners, and providing training and resources on how responsible practice can improve your bottom line. Find out more about what we do…


Connect to experts, capital and peers.

Help desk

Want to talk to an expert or ask a question confidentially and anonymously? The SLP’s in-house experts are on hand.



Already know what you need? Register on the SLP for free to begin hiring a consultant and networking with other users today.


Connect with investors

Looking for impact-driven investors to support your business? The SLP has partnered with ImpactDev Africa, who connect African businesses with significant potential for sustainable development to impact capital. Contact us to request an introduction.

Investee compliance

Global investors use the SLP to help their investees procure the expertise they need

Scaling delivery

Businesses use the SLP to identify the right experts quickly and easily


Access guidance on best practice and training tailored to your business

Resource Center

Reading materials, tools and other resources to inform your sustainability.


Discover training courses for you and your staff to drive forward your sustainability and impact.