Business Profile Development Question Guide

This guide helps businesses complete the SLP’s Profile Development form. It explains what the SLP requires from your organization, detailing what we mean when we ask a question and, in most cases, why we are asking it.

Once you have completed the Profile Development Form, the SLP Support team will review the profile for completeness before activating your public profile in the User Directory. With a complete profile, you will also be able to submit Terms of References.

  • Please provide the name of your organization, including legal name and DBA, if applicable.

    This will enable the SLP to identify your organization appropriately and match your registration data to your Profile Development data.

  • Please select ‘Yes’ if your business has any written policies relating to social and environmental performance or impacts, and describe each policy in one (1) – three (3) sentence(s) in the ‘What are these policies?’ section.

  • Please select ‘Yes’ if your business sets targets for improving performance on social and environmental issues, and describe the indicators that you are currently monitoring, the progress to date in achieving your targets, and how you report on your targets, in the ‘What targets…’ section.

  • Please select ‘Yes’ if your business uses any benchmarks or standards for reporting progress in social and environmental performance, such as the GRI, SASB, ISO, or IIRC. If ‘Yes’, please list which standards you use for sustainability reporting in the ‘Please list any standards…’ section, and if possible provide links to report or include documentation under the ‘Please share any supporting documents’.

  • Please indicate if your organization has a land use plan or a land management plan.

    Land Use Plan: The process by which lands are evaluated and assessed to become a basis for decisions involving land disposition and utilization.

    Land Management Plan: The process of managing the use and development of land resources to minimize negative impacts.

    Please use as much detail as possible to explain your land use plan and/or land management policy to help the SLP better understand the policies.

  • If yes please explain how these policies address the needs of vulnerable groups.

  • Please share any supporting documents that would allow the SLP to confirm the statements made in the above questions.

    For example: Annual Sustainability Reports, Environmental or Social Policies, etc.

  • Please indicate if your organization is a member of any of the listed certification or industry bodies. For example: Bonsucro, UTZ, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), Rainforest Alliance, Chambers of Commerce, etc.

    This information will assist the SLP in the matching process as well as to verify the information for matching purposes.

  • Please indicate the challenges you have encountered when investing in emerging markets. For example, gaining local trust.

  • Please indicate if your organization has the in-house capacity to deal with tenure-related issues. This includes any employee that has had to do tenure-related community work or dispute management. This information will assist in determining your organization’s risk profile. If yes, please indicate the number of employees that have relevant experience, and indicate the amount of experience with a brief description of what that experience included.

  • For example, a local NGO may have provided trainings to smallholder farmers to improve productivity and environmental practices, resource users may have supported your monitoring and reporting processes or a local NGO may have verified an inclusive consultation process. This history of working with community groups will help SLP match you with local service providers.

    If yes, please include a brief description of each collaboration, up to three (3). If you have more than three collaborations, please select a representative and diverse sample to share, focusing on the most recent partnerships. In your description, please include the name of your partner, the year(s) of the project and two to three sentences describing the objectives and outcomes of the collaboration.

  • If Yes, please indicate if you can provide any legitimate references or endorsements for work that you have completed – these will typically be statements or reports by NGOs, governments or research bodies about your involvement in responsible or best practices.

  • Please indicate whether your organization has been involved in any litigation.

    If yes, please indicate the name of the court, government agency, or other judicial or regulatory body involved, the name(s) of the parties, the date the matter was initiated, and a brief description of the issue(s). In your response, please indicate whether the matter is closed or pending.

    Please also upload copies of any judicial or administrative orders, judicial decrees, judgments, and/or rulings by a court or administrative agency, if applicable.

  • These may include, but not be limited to, alleged environmental violations, land tenure-related disputes, and contract disputes.

    If yes, please provide basic details regarding the threatened lawsuits, government proceedings, or government investigations. Details should include the parties involved, the date, and a brief summary of the issue.

  • You will require a bank account to register to the platform.

  • Please specify your organization’s yearly revenue.

    This information will help the SLP to complete its due diligence on your organization and helps us avoid asking detailed questions about your finances.

    Additionally, this information will indicate your organization’s level of risk relative to the cost of the proposed project.

  • Please indicate if your organization has been audited.

    This will become part of the SLP’s due diligence process and assist in determining your organization’s risk profile.

  • Please share any documents that would allow the SLP to verify your organization’s legal status. For example: Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, Corporate Registration Number, Business License(s), Tax Identification Number, and any other document evidencing the entry of your business within a corporate registry.

  • Please provide confirmation that the information provided above was accurate to the best of your knowledge.

    All information provided to the SLP will be audited and verified. Knowingly providing misinformation is strictly prohibited and will result in your organization being permanently banned from the use of the SLP.