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Institute of Rural Development Planning (IRDP)

Organization Type: Service Provider

The Institute of Rural Development Planning (IRDP), Dodoma was established by the Parliamentary Act No. 8 of 1980. The Act provides a legal framework for the Institute to be established as an important national centre for provision of training, research and consultancy. IRDP strives to enhance and strengthen capacity for Rural Development practitioners by providing post-secondary education and training, research and consultancy services in the country, especially at local levels (from village to district). Certificates of registration, TIN and tax clearances are attached in Annex 1.

Currently, the Institute conducts a number of long-term training programmes. These programmes are:

Certificate in Rural Development Planning, Certificate in Development Administration and Management, Diploma in Development Planning, Diploma in Development Administration and Management, Bachelor Degree in Regional Development Planning, Bachelor Degree in Environmental Planning and Management, Bachelor Degree in Population and Development Planning, Bachelor Degree in Development Finance and Investment Planning, Bachelor Degree in Human Resource Planning and Management, Bachelor Degree in Development Economics, Bachelor Degree in Urban Development and Environmental Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Regional Planning, Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Planning, Post Graduate Diploma in Governance and Sustainable Development and Post Graduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management, Master Degree in Development Economics and Master Degree in Environmental Planning and Management.

With regard to short course training programme, IRDP offers short courses which are intended to acquaint participants with fundamentals of development planning, management and administration. They integrate theory and practice to carter for development skills needed at all levels. Concentration and depth depend on the role of participants with the existing administrative functional set up. Since the year 1979, when the IRDP started operating, its staff has accumulated considerable practical experiences and knowledge on a number of consultancies and researches related to development administration and management in line with the mission statement.

IRDP Mission Statement: “To facilitate the process of rural development planning by providing training and education, research and public services (consultancy) in rural development planning and management aimed at bridging the knowledge gap among different practitioners of development planning, which include the central government sectors, local government authorities, non-governmental organizations, community based organizations and the private sector.”

Organization Location & Size

Head office:

Dodoma, Tanzania

Office Locations:

Off Arusha Road, Miyuji, Dodoma, Tanzania

Countries of operation:


Number of staff:

100 – 499


– Legal and Institutional Due Diligence, Risk Analysis/Policy Analysis
– Stakeholder Mapping and Stakeholder/Community Consultation
– Community Capacity Building
– Social Impact Assessment and Mitigation
– Gender Impact Assessment / Gender Analysis
– Outgrower Support and Engagement
– Land Valuation, Surveying, Mapping and Entitlement
– Monitoring and Evaluation
– Sanitation
– Climate Change Assessment and Adaptation
– Child Budgeting
– Settlements
– Entrepreneurship

Type of Business

– Academia

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