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Morogoro Paralegal Center

Organization Type: Service Provider

Morogoro Para Legal Center is a non-governmental organization founded in 1993 by women human rights activists from Women Legal Aid Center (WLAC). The organization got registered in 2000 as a non governmental organization with registration number 39135 and complied to NGO act in 2011 with no. 00001396. Morogoro Paralegal Centre (MPLC) contribute on establishment of its members, its draws members from 6 NGOs and 3CBOs, which operate in Morogoro region.

The main focus of the coalition include but not limited to provision of legal aid, human and legal education programmes, advocacy, monitoring of human rights violations; undertaking legal and human rights research, networking.

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Head office:

Morogoro, Tanzania

Office Locations:

Morogoro, Tanzania

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Number of staff:

0 – 5


– Stakeholder Mapping and Consultation
– Gender Impact Assessment
– Land Valuation, Surveying, Mapping and Entitlement
– Monitoring and Evaluation

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