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RMI Development

Organization Type: Service Provider

We help people in Africa to transform: their land, their water, their livelihoods and their lives. We are experts in empowering people to unlock the potential in themselves and their assets. More than 10,000 farmers in 8 countries in Africa have transformed their lives and now see themselves as owners of commercial businesses and members of successful communities.

We are a private firm, established in 2011, with offices in South Africa and Swaziland and partners in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Lesotho. We are committed to diversity, gender equality and youth development. We are registered in South Africa as a BEE Level 2 company.

Organization Location & Size

Head office:


Office Locations:

Pretoria, and, with our TZ Partner, an office in Dar es Salaam

Countries of operation:

Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Number of staff:



– Legal and Institutional Due Diligence, Risk Analysis/Policy Analysis
– Stakeholder Mapping and Stakeholder/Community Consultation
– Community Capacity Building
– Environmental Impact Assessment and Mitigation
– Social Impact Assessment and Mitigation
– Gender Impact Assessment / Gender Analysis
– Outgrower Support and Engagement
– Land Valuation, Surveying, Mapping and Entitlement
– Monitoring and Evaluation
– Negotiations and Agreements

Type of Business

– Private Company

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