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The Tanzania Grass Roots Oriented Development (TAGRODE) Trust Fund (To be called) TAGRODE is a local organisation (Non Governmental Organisation) registered on 9th, January, 2001 under trust deed incorporation ordinance (cap .375). In 2007, the organization acquired a certificate on compliance with registration no: 0765.The organisation envisaged to operate in any place of Tanzania provided that the target group i.e. the poor and vulnerable groups identified and prioritised the needs/problems.

However, in the initial years, TAGRODE has a focus in Iringa Region in order to build its capacity and therefore replicate the experiences acquired in other regions of Tanzania. TAGRODE as a living organisation has its vision, mission, and objectives which guides in the planning, implementation and evaluation of whatever projects which are being implemented. 1.1 Vision: TAGRODE envision the Iringa Region community (men and women) has their income increased and their standard of living improved. 1.2 Mission: TAGRODE is there to facilitate small scale farmers (men and women) of Iringa Region to increase quantity and quality of crops and livestock products through provision of improved techniques in sustainable agriculture, Land Ownership, Clean water supply , access to reliable markets, Natural resources including cross cutting issues of gender equality, HIV/AIDS ,Lobbying and advocacy.

Organization Location & Size
– Head office: Iringa, Tanzania
– Office Locations: Iringa, Tanzania
– Countries of operation: Tanzania
– Number of staff: 0 – 5

– Environmental impact assessment
– Legal and institutional due diligence and risk analysis
– Land valuation, surveying, mapping and entitlement
– Monitoring and evaluation
– Social impact assessment
– Stakeholder mapping and consultation

Type of Business

Contact Details
– Zubery Hussein Mwachulla

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