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External procurement notices

Welcome to the SLP’s external procurement notices page, which shows a list of public tenders curated by the SLP Support team. The Support team seek out projects in East and Southern Africa that require the skills held by Service Providers registered on the SLP. To apply for any of the projects below, please log in to your account or register to set up your free account today.

Advocacy to Preserve Cultural Heritage

Services required: Cultural heritage conservation, promotion of religious freedoms, documentation and outreach methods training, community capacity building

Location: Any country in Africa or North Africa (with the exception of Egypt)

Questions deadline: N/A

Closing deadline for applications: 8th March, 2021 (12:00 AM EST)

Project description:
Cultural sites are often important to members of multiple religious and ethnic communities, promoting shared commitment to preservation can foster inter-faith dialogue and rebuild community relations. DRL’s goal is the protection and preservation of cultural heritage, including cultural heritage for members of religious minority communities in conflict zones, and the preservation of cultural heritage sites and sacred objects of communities whose members have dwindled or emigrated.

Through this project, DRL’s objective is to enable members of religious communities, faith-based organizations, and NGOs to engage local and national governments and international organizations on strategies to protect cultural heritage, including buildings and movable and immovable properties. This program cannot fund the repair or maintenance of specific religious properties or artifacts.

Development and Delivery of a Safeguarding Training Tool

Source:  Womankind

Services required: Gender specialism, policy experience, experience with establishing safeguarding and reporting mechanisms.

Location: Kenya | Uganda

Questions deadline: Questions should be directed to Katy Wright (katyw@womankind.org.uk), AWESOME Programme Manager at Womankind by 4th March 2021.

Closing deadline for applications: 11th March 2021

Project description:

This assignment is to develop a training package for Womankind programme staff, programme partners and selected stakeholders with responsibility for developing and implementing safeguarding policies and procedures within their organisation. We want to focus on both safeguarding leads and any staff member or associate who will be working with individuals involved in programme activities. We want to raise awareness of safeguarding and reporting mechanisms, with particular attention to PSEAH.

Fairtrade COVID-19 Emergency Initiatives

Source:  Fairtrade

Services required: assessing producer organizations’ resilience to COVID-19, conducting interviews and focus group discussions with different stakeholder groups, gender specialism.

Location: as part of this study the consulting service must undertake research in 3 different Fairtrade regions (Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East and Asia and the Pacific).

This can include any country in Eastern Africa.

Questions deadline: N/A

Closing deadline for applications: The deadline for submission is 7 March, 2021.

Project description:
Fairtrade International is seeking expressions of interest from qualified consultants or research teams to undertake an evaluative study on the resilience of Fairtrade certified producer organization to tackle shocks and stresses, focusing on the COVID19 Pandemic as a case study.

Assessment of Labour Migration Legal Frameworks in Africa 

Services required: experience dealing with legal and policy frameworks on migrant labor, treatment of migrants, gender specialism.

Location: Any country in Eastern Africa.

Questions deadline: N/A

Closing deadline for applications: 09 March 2021, 5PM (Addis Ababa time).

Project description:
The survey aims at obtaining the latest information from African Union Member States and the RECs on: ways in which labour migration and the equality of treatment and opportunities of migrant workers are being regulated or managed through laws, administrative measures and specialized bodies of the State; their gender responsiveness, the role played by bilateral and multilateral treaties, regional and continental instruments/frameworks, and ILO Conventions on migrant workers, the impact of their ratification on national legal and policy framework and vice versa, and the way in which the tripartite partners take part in the process.

Consultancy Services for Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment of Nairobi Rivers

Services required: Study water quality monitoring programs and protocols to identify the strengths and needs of stakeholders; facilitate dialogue among government agencies; conduct water quality monitoring and assessments; evaluate effectiveness of pollution-control measures; determine ecological flows and trends in the quality of the aquatic environment.

Location: Kenya

Questions deadline: N/A

Closing deadline for applications: 12:00 Noon East African Time on 16th March, 2021.

Project description:

The consulting services requested by Athi Water Works Development Agency involve undertaking water quality assessment of Nairobi City and satellite towns rivers and subsequently carry out quarterly surface/ground water quality monitoring in order to document the baseline conditions, challenges, gaps and recommend improvement and/or mitigation measures.

Feasibility Study, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Study and Detailed Engineering Design Services

Services required: All tasks necessary for the Feasibility Study, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Study, Preliminary and Detailed Engineering Design Services for upgrading of Thika – Kenol Highway (A2), Thika Town Roads and Nyeri Town Roads.

Location: Kenya

Questions deadline: N/A

Closing deadline for applications: Expressions of interest must be made by the 2nd March 2021.

Project description:
The Government of the Republic of Kenya (GOK) has received financing from the African Development Bank (AfDB) to finance the Kenol – Sagana – Marua Highway Improvement Project and intends to apply part of the proceeds for this loan to make eligible payments under the contract for the Consultancy Services for Feasibility Study, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Study and Detailed Engineering Design Services for Thika – Kenol Highway (A2), Thika Town Roads and Nyeri Town Roads.

Upscaling Technologies Developed by Kalro and Partners to Enhance Agricultural Productivity, Value Addition and Income Generation for Smallholder Farmers in Kenya

Services required: technological solutions to pest control, reseeding and rehabilitation of degraded rangeland, camel management and production technologies, experience with high yield agricultural products like bean, sorghum and gram varieties.

Location: Kenya

Questions deadline: N/A

Closing deadline for applications: Applications must be sent via post and must arrive before 8th March, 2021 (12:00 AM EST)

Project description:

The Kenya Agricultural And Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) is now inviting interested entities and organizations working with small-holder farmers, pastoralists and fisher-folk to submit proposals to upscale and promote adoption of existing proven and climate smart technologies that have been developed by KALRO and its partners. Proposals that are innovative, need based and promote agribusiness along the value chain continuum from pre-production, production, processing, storage, trading, logistics and consumption have the highest chance of winning.