External notices

External procurement notices

Welcome to the SLP’s external procurement notices page, which shows a list of public tenders curated by the SLP Support team. The Support team seek out projects in East and Southern Africa that require the skills held by Service Providers registered on the SLP. To apply for any of the projects below, please log in to your account or register to set up your free account today.

Africa Forest Carbon Catalyst Fund

Services required: Experience on working on REFORESTATION, FOREST CONSERVATION or SUSTAINABLE FOREST MANAGEMENT in Africa.

Location: Eastern Africa

Questions deadline: N/A

Closing deadline for applications: Rolling Deadline

Project description:

The Catalyst will tackle the problem of there not being enough really strong forest conservation and restoration projects that can absorb significant private investment to have impact at scale. It will do this at a time when there is growing global investor and corporate interest in these projects, especially those in Africa.

Previous approaches have struggled to take projects to scale and sustainability, owing to limited technical capacity, inadequate markets, limiting policy frameworks, and a lack of political will. Recently there have been significant advances and reforms, and the Catalyst is designed to exploit these opportunities while supporting ongoing work to tackle remaining challenges.

Grant Financing for African Agricultural Cooperatives, Producer Groups, Processors, and Enterprises

Services required: Kenya: fishing, livestock, maize, rice, sorghum; Malawi: horticulture, legumes, oil seeds, rice, tree crops; Rwanda: beans, coffee, maize, rice, tea; Tanzania: beans, coffee, cotton, horticulture, maize, rice.

Location: Kenya | Malawi | Rwanda | Tanzania

Questions deadline: N/A

Closing deadline for applications: 17 May 2021 (Proposal due date)

Project description:

USADF is accepting applications in the following countries and sectors:
• Kenya: fishing, livestock, maize, rice, sorghum
• Malawi: horticulture, legumes, oil seeds, rice, tree crops
• Rwanda: beans, coffee, maize, rice, tea
• Tanzania: beans, coffee, cotton, horticulture, maize, rice

• Your organization must demonstrate that it has successfully worked together for a minimum of 2 years, has a minimum of 200 active members or suppliers, and has the capability to effectively use grants funds.
• Your ownership and management must be in agreement on the problem to be addressed and have a commitment to benefit your community.
• Your organization must demonstrate the capability to account for USADF funds by showing you have a minimum of 2 years of basic functional management and financial controls in place.
• Your organization must be 100% African-owned and African-led.
• USADF is not accepting applications from non-government organizations (NGOs) and intermediaries. Your organization must be an agricultural cooperative, producer group, processor, or business.

Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Horticulture

Services required: experience with maize-mixed systems of East and Southern Africa or with Highland perennial and mixed systems of East and Central Africa.

Experience in providing opportunities for smallholder farmers to: 1) diversify their farm enterprises for increased production efficiencies, improved natural resource management, and greater resilience to market, pest and disease, and extreme weather shocks; 2) generate significant additional income without negatively impacting the production of critical staple food crops; and 3) increase access to inputs and markets.

Location: Eastern Africa

Questions deadline: N/A

Closing deadline for applications: 11 May 2021 (Proposal due date).

Project description:

The Horticulture Innovation Lab’s purpose is to identify and strengthen opportunities for smallholder farmers to develop and sustainably manage horticulture-based enterprises in Feed the Future production systems, including research and local capacity development on 1) climate-resilient management of nutrient-dense food and 2) inclusive horticultural business growth and commercialization, with a focus on youth opportunity, gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Promoting the Protection of Natural Resources, Food Security and Public Health

Source: CFH Foundation

Services required: personnel training; focus on prevention rather than remediation; strengthening leadership and scientific capacity building; focus on cross boundary or regional issues or issues.

Location: Eastern Africa

Questions deadline: N/A

Closing deadline for applications: 1 Jul 2021

Project description:

The foundation supports special projects and programs of non-governmental organizations in three areas: conservation, food, and health.

While the foundation favors research, training, and technical assistance projects that:

• employ and/or train personnel from developing countries
• are led by organizations with strong records of accomplishments in a particular field and have potential for replication
• focus on regional or cross-boundary issues and opportunities
• feature collaborative partnerships embedded in strong networks
• strengthen local leadership and scientific capacity
• influence public discourse and policy
• focus on prevention rather than remediation
• attract additional support and hold promise for continuation or impact beyond the period of foundation support