Here you can connect to networks of peers, supporting organizations, and potential business partners.

The networks listed below are well known, globally renowned networks that accommodate hundreds of people. As there are many different networks and many new networks established yearly, our list will constantly be updated, so if you are part of, or know of a good network that does not appear below, please contact the SLP Support Team ici with a brief description.

Namati – Legal Empowerment Network

What is the Global Legal Empowerment Network?

The network brings together 1705 organizations and 6009 individuals, all dedicated to grassroots justice. We meet online and in-person. We learn from each other and share a growing library of legal empowerment resources. We campaign on issues that affect us globally and nationally. We work together to secure support and sustainable funding for our field.

Who is in the Global Legal Empowerment Network?

We are lawyers and community paralegals, human rights activists and grassroots organizers, health advocates and educators, researchers, journalists and public servants. We collaborate across regions and across disciplines. Together we are building a global network of people working to advance justice in our communities and the world.

Rights and Resources Group

A global network advocating for the land and forest rights of Indigenous Peoples & local communities.

Landesa: Women’s Land Rights Network

The Women’s Land Rights Network, which grew from Landesa’s Visiting Professionals Program, consists of grassroots and civil society advocates, government officials, academics, and researchers from key land reform geographies in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. Network members are committed to strengthening women’s land rights globally through informing public discourse, influencing policy & research, and ultimately ensuring that women have equal opportunity to access, own, and control land.