SLP Site Redesign Feedback

SLP Feedback Survey

Thank you for participating in the Social License Platform. We want to ensure that the website fits the needs of our users, so your feedback is extremely valuable.

Please be assured that your responses in this survey will remain confidential. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to nous contacter.

SLP Site Redesign Feedback Survey
Please rate your overall level of satisfaction using the Social License Platform:

The following questions will ask you to rate your level of satisfaction with areas of the site that you have visited. When answering these questions, please consider aspects related to content (ease of understanding, comprehensiveness, etc.), functionality (ease of use, etc.), and design (look and feel of the website).

Registration and Profile Development
The registration (Entreprises et Prestataires de service) and profile development (Entreprises et Prestataires de service) process consists of two pages, a short form that captures basic information, and a longer form that captures in-depth information about your organization required for activating users and matching them with projects and partners
ToR / Proposal development
The ToR/Proposal development process centers around template surveys that capture the necessary details of a project or a project proposal.
Home Page / About pages
The Home page and About pages (Purpose, Équipe, SLP in Action, Services et Data security) provide information about the SLP – how it works, the aims of the platform, etc.
Centre de ressources
The Centre de ressources provides a curated list of resources to assist and guide both businesses and service providers.
User directory
The directory of registered Users along with their Registration data.
Mon compte
The Mon compte page displays your organization’s information and provides the ability to update this information.
Did you receive any support from the SLP Support team?
Please rate your level of satisfaction with the support that you received
We would like to respond appropriately to all survey responses as we continue to improve the platform. Would you mind if we contacted you again to discuss your feedback and how best the platform can respond to it?
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