Guidance and Support Training Resource (Swahili)

Resource Package 4: Training Resources (Swahili)

Hakiardhi: Kijarida chakuelimisha jamii juu ya masuala muhimu ya usimamizi wa ardhi,utawala, mipango ya matumizi ya ardhi na utatuzi wa migogoro ya ardhi, Vol 2.

This is a brief which highlights various issues on land rights, village land administration, land governance, dispute settlement and village land use planning. It helps a village get general basics, as provided in the land laws, on rights and general governance of village lands in Tanzania

Hakiardhi: Kijarida cha kuelimisha jamii juu ya masuala muhimu ya haki za ardhi kwa wanawake nchini Tanzania, Vol 4.

This is a brief providing for specific aspects of the laws which protect women’s land rights. It includes rights to access, own, and to be involved in decision making processes on land matters. It also describes inheritance issues as governed by laws in Tanzania.

Hakiardhi: Kijarida cha kuelimisha juu ya masuala muhimu ya ardhi, mabadiliko ya tabia ya nchi, utawala na usimanizi wa rasilimali vijijini, Vol 1.

This is a brief guide on land rights, climate change, and natural resource management at the village level. It gives a villager basic information on how to go about the management of land and natural resource as well as climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Pelum: Mpango wa Matumizi ya Ardhi Kijijini

A detailed training manual on the process of conducting village land use planning. It provides detailed accounts of six steps involved in village land use plans and specific roles of villagers and the government. This is a useful manual which can be integrated in the best practices of responsible land-based investments.

Pelum: Haki ya Kupata, Kutumia na Kumiliki Ardhi Tanzania.

This is a detailed training manual on right to access, use and own land in Tanzania. It covers various aspects of access and ownership of land including: basic principles of land policy, village land management, land compensation, abandoned land, women’s land rights, land rights for pastoralists, and land dispute settlement systems. It can be used by someone interested in investment issues, as it covers village land management, land compensation, and land dispute settlement.

LEAT: Haki ya Kupata, Kumiliki, na Kutumia Ardhi Tanzania

This training manual provides comprehensive details on land access, use and ownership rights. It includes basic principles of land rights, categories of land, women’s land rights, land dispute settlement systems, village land administration, village land use plan, water management, forest management, and wildlife management. It can be used to guide responsible land based investments.

WLAC: Haki za Mwanamke Katika Sheria za Ardhi

This is a detailed training manual on women’s land rights. It covers various provisions from land laws that safeguards women’s land rights.

TNRF: Kitini cha Haki za Mwanamke katika Ardhi Tanzania

This is a fairly detailed brief on women’s land rights. It includes rights to access, own, provide consent on any land transaction such as lease, sale and mortgage, and right to participate in land governance decision making bodies.

Manual on Land Law and Conveyancing in Tanzania. Tenga & Mramba

This is a manual which provides, among other things, the historical background of land administration in Tanzania from the colonial period until the early 2000s. It is designed for law students and practitioners. The manual is also useful for private companies that are interested in understanding processes for land acquisitions and compensation.