Finding and Facilitating Partnerships for Better Land Investments

The Social License Platform (SLP) is an online service that connects businesses to localized expertise to achieve more responsible agricultural projects and investments in land. Businesses can use the SLP to find and hire service providers for a range of environmental and social projects relating to land, while service providers can use the platform to identify and bid on new projects.

This resource places emphasis on connecting businesses to local service providers who are trusted by communities and have proven their expertise on the operating front. Localising investment services empowers the people affected by land investments and increases the value of local engagement for businesses. Read more about the services the SLP offers by navigating to the Services page.

If you are new to the SLP, you need to register and develop a profile before you can access the resources available to Registered Users.

Please proceed with registration as a “Business” (normally companies, investors or international consultants) or “Service Providers” (normally a CSO, consultancy or academic).

How it works

The SLP is dedicated to both businesses and service providers. This means that our Users will be in search of either experts or projects and will follow these simple steps to become connected.

If you are looking for experts

If you are looking for projects


Discover more about the Services that the SLP helps businesses to find here.