How the SLP works

The SLP provides a procurement hub that connects businesses to vetted sustainability expertise in emerging markets. Businesses post projects on the hub, where registered experts can view them and submit their proposals. Projects can either be visible to all registered Service Providers, or submitted privately to a shortlist curated by the SLP.

If you are looking for experts

The SLP is dedicated to both businesses and service providers. This means that our Users will be in search of either experts or projects and will follow these simple steps to become connected.

If you are looking for experts

Register: Complete registration to post and access support.

Post: Post tenders for any provider, or confidentially to a curated set

Match: Providers have been DDed and evaluated to help you match.

Hire: Review bids, contracts and reporting with expert support.

If you are looking for projects

Register: Once you register and complete your profile you can search for projects, submit proposals and access the User Directory.

Find: Review open ToRs for a range of projects, and receive customized matches with opportunities based on your SLP User Profile.

Get Hired: Build and submit proposals easily with our templates and support from SLP experts, and use the SLP to submit documents and manage projects.

SLP Match Vs SLP Open

As part of posting your project on the SLP, you will also select the process by which it will be tendered. This means that if you are looking for experts you can either choose SLP match or SLP open:

Your project will be viewable by a curated pool of service providers who the SLP has evaluated as the most qualified matches.

Your project will be viewable by all SLP registered service providers.

Investee compliance

Global investors use the SLP to help their investees procure the expertise they need

Scaling delivery

Businesses use the SLP to identify the right experts quickly and easily

Expand impact

Experts and NGOs use the SLP to expand their impact