Welcome to the SLP’s Opportunities page: a selection of tenders for services and opportunities for sustainable businesses curated by the SLP Support team.

For businesses

The Support team seek out opportunities that can help companies in the SLP’s key sectors achieve more responsible business practices. To apply for any of the projects below, please log in to your account or register to set up your free account today.

Growth Funding for Innovative Start-ups with Development Impact

Services required: BMZ is supporting young companies that are already active in a developing or emerging economy (specifically Kenya) whose business model contributes to sustainable local economic, ecological and social development.

Location: Kenya

Questions deadline: N/A

Closing deadline for applications: 15 Jul 2021

Project description:

DEG – Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, with funds from the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), supports young companies to scale innovative business models that create positive impact and contribute to achieving the SDGs in Kenya.

Funding Conditions

• DEG provides grant co-financing of up to EUR 100,000 (and a top-up of EUR 100,000 for successful Ventures in a potential second phase).

• Matching funds equaling the amount of the grant financing must be provided by the company in the form of cash injection (from sponsors, investors). At least half of these required matching funds need to be injected as fresh equity.

• The use of funds takes place in Kenya (conclusion of contract with the Kenyan registered entity)

• The investment proposal is financially sound and the purpose of funding is clearly defined

• Entirely commercial financing of the investment project is not possible at this point (subsidiarity)

Assessment Criteria:

• Innovation: The business model is innovative with regard to the target country

• Scalability: The company has a high growth potential due to the size of the market and the target group

• Financial Sustainability: The break-even point will be reached timely (maximum within 3 years)

• Adequate Management: The company has the necessary expertise as well as management capacity and human resources to substantially scale its business

Developmental Impact:

• The business model has a significant developmental relevance
• The impact is measurable, i.e. positive effects on the target groups
• The company is contributing to reaching the SDGs by increasing local income, saving natural resources, improving access to resources and services, and creating decent jobs.

Africa Forest Carbon Catalyst

Services required: Experience on working on REFORESTATION, FOREST CONSERVATION or SUSTAINABLE FOREST MANAGEMENT in Africa.

Location: Eastern Africa

Questions deadline: N/A

Closing deadline for applications: Rolling Deadline

Project description:

The Catalyst will tackle the problem of there not being enough really strong forest conservation and restoration projects that can absorb significant private investment to have impact at scale. It will do this at a time when there is growing global investor and corporate interest in these projects, especially those in Africa.

Previous approaches have struggled to take projects to scale and sustainability, owing to limited technical capacity, inadequate markets, limiting policy frameworks, and a lack of political will. Recently there have been significant advances and reforms, and the Catalyst is designed to exploit these opportunities while supporting ongoing work to tackle remaining challenges.

For service providers

The Support team seek out projects in sub-Saharan Africa that require the skills of the SLP’s Service Providers. To apply for any of the projects below, please log in to your account or register to set up your free account today.

Gender-Climate-Environment Call for Projects

Services required: Financing mechanisms; civil society organisation management; Gender equality/ feminist organizations

Location: Central Africa | Eastern Africa | North Africa and Middle East | Southern Africa | West Africa

Questions deadline: N/A

Closing deadline for applications: 18 Jul 2021

Project description:

The FSOF’s ambition is to contribute, by 2023, to reducing gender-based inequalities by strengthening feminist civil society organizations in partner countries of the French development and international solidarity policy.

The French Development Agency (AFD) intends to subsidize civil society organizations (CSOs) for the establishment of a mechanism for financing, strengthening and structuring feminist organizations in partner countries of the policy of development and French international solidarity whose main objective is equality between women and men (rated 2 according to the “gender” marker of the OECD DAC). The call for projects is aimed at all developing countries in which AFD has a mandate to intervene, whether in Africa, the Near and Middle East, Asia or Latin America.