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Register your organization to start building your SLP profile. The SLP will use the information you provide here as part of the matching and due diligence process. Most of the data you supply here will be visible to other users in the SLP User Directory. We have made it clear if data will be private (which the SLP will use for Administrative purposes).

Once you complete this registration form, you can explore the platform, including the SLP User Directory and Resource Center. After registration, you will have the opportunity to further develop your profile by completing the SLP Profile Development Form, which asks further questions to help the SLP better match up service providers and businesses.

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Please enter the name of your organization or company / business or DBA here. If you are an independent or self employed and have no corresponding business name please use your name.
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Example: 33 Rockingham Lane, Sheffield, S1 4FW
Please indicate where your organization has offices by listing each city and country as relevant. For example: City 1, Country 1; City 2, Country 2
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Detailed Geographical Information / Areas of Operation

Geographical Information will help the SLP better match businesses to service providers and vice versa. Click on the arrow next to Areas of Operation above to expand and fill out out the geographical information now or you can always edit this information later.