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Africa Forest Carbon Catalyst (AFCC)

Location: Africa

Services required: Forestry; Agriculture

Deadline for questions: N/A

Closing deadline for applications: Rolling deadline.

Project Description:

Africa has one-fifth of the planet’s remaining forests but is losing them faster than anywhere else. Protecting forests is among the most cost effective natural defenses against climate change and in Africa will help hundreds of thousands of people earn a better living. Yet to date there have not been enough reforestation and forest conservation projects ready to absorb the significant investment they need to achieve outcomes at scale.

The Nature Conservancy (TNC), a global conservation organization, developed the Africa Forest Carbon Catalyst to find and refine more of these forest restoration and conservation projects that will slow or even reverse forest loss while helping tackle climate change. This TNC initiative gives technical and operational advice, helps build their teams and networks, and prepares them to successfully seek investment.

For service providers

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