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This website helps to improve investments in land. It connects investors in land with the social and environmental services they need to invest responsibly and efficiently (e.g. consultation, impact assessment, land mapping processes and benefit sharing processes).

The Social License Platform (SLP) helps companies and investors to articulate their requirements and find providers who are knowledgeable and affordable. The platform also offers training and support for potential service providers (e.g. NGOs, farmer associations, academic experts and domestic consultancies). 

This resources places emphasis on connecting companies to local service providers who are trusted by communities and expert on the operating context. Localising investment services empowers the people affected by land investments and increases the value of local engagement for businesses.

If you are new to the Social License Platform, you need to register and develop a profile before you can access the resources available to Registered Users. 

Please proceed with registration as a Service Consumer (normally companies, investors or international consultants) or Service Provider here.