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Resource Center

This is the Resource Center: it provides businesses and service providers with access to powerful training resources and valuable local and international events. The resource center connects you with the powerful RLBI Navigator tool.

The Responsible Land-Based Investment Navigator, developed by IIED and Land Portal, aims to help private sector stakeholders identify and access the practical tools and guides that are most relevant to their work. It offers a wide selection of resources on a variety of topics for operating companies, lenders and investors, buyers, service providers and legal advisors. To access the Navigator, click here.

Additionally, the SLP provides you with Training and Events and Networks and Groups. We allow you, as a User of the SLP, to engage with these resources and to submit the respective resources that you would like to see on the platform.

If you have a relevant training resource or event that you would like hosted on the platform, message a short description to the SLP Support Team here.

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