Service Provider Profile Development Guidance

Service Provider Profile Development Guidance

Thank you for completing your Service Provider Registration Form. It is now time to build your SLP Service Provider Profile, the final step required to participate on the SLP platform. Your Profile is your main tool for communicating your expertise and skillsets and getting matched with projects, so complete it fully to get the most out of the SLP.


The Profile Development Form will ask you to build upon the basic information you provided in the Registration Form by asking more detailed questions about your organization’s operations, expertise and past experience. If you do not understand any of the questions asked, please consult the Service Providers Profile Development Question Guide found in the More Information link below.

Once you have completed your Service Provider Profile, you will be able to view available projects and be matched with future projects that fit your skillsets. This process should be done as diligently as possible to improve the likelihood that you will be successfully matched with projects.

Time Requirement: 45-60 min

We recommend you dedicate a minimum of 45 minutes to completing the Service Provider Profile Development. This process should be done as diligently as possible as it will directly affect your matching ability. You can complete this form in multiple sessions if needed; your progress on the form will be automatically saved. At any point, you can navigate to other pages using the main menu, or log out of the SLP to exit the form. To return to your Profile Development Form, you need to edit your Profile Development Data on your Profile page.

Information Requirement:

Before starting to develop your profile, we recommend that you have all the pertinent information on hand. This will help you complete your profile correctly and efficiently. If you can answer the following questions, then you likely have the information needed to complete the Service Provider Profile Development Form:

  • Do you have in-depth knowledge of your organization’s operations?
  • Do you understand your organization’s skills capacity and past experience?
  • Do you understand your organization’s financial status?
  • Do you know what assistance your organization may require from the SLP to successfully respond to a project Terms of Reference (ToR)?

If you can answer each question, then you are ready to start filling out your Service Provider Profile Development Form!

If you do not have all the pertinent information to complete your profile, you can logout of the SLP and return at a later stage.