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Please provide a brief descriptive name for the project. This is for administrative purposes.
Please provide the name of your organization.
These services contain key words that will be used to match your ToR to providers with skillsets in the selected areas. Click here for a description of each subject area.
Please indicate the physical location where the services will be delivered, if possible please provide GPS co-ordinates. This will allow the SLP to match the project to Service Providers that are operating or have experience in the project area.
Please provide the date and time that the ToR will close. This indicates to the Service Provider how much time they have to produce their Proposals. The SLP recommends you provide a minimum of 20 business days.
Please provide an overview of your operations to set the context for your project request. This should include a basic overview of your operation and how this project fits in, whether this project is following up on previous work, and the motivation and context for the proposed project.
Please summarize the current needs you have for which you are requesting support. You will be given the opportunity to articulate discrete outcomes and activities later.
Please indicate the estimated date when you would like the project to begin. Project start dates must be a minimum of 45 business days from the ToR draft date, to allow sufficient time for providers to develop proposal, for proposals to be evaluated, and for contracting to be finalized. If you have an urgent need that would require a shorter timeframe, please contact the SLP Support Team here.
Please indicate the estimated date when you would like the project to be completed. This provides the Service Providers with the timeline of the project to build workplans, budgets, and determine if they will be available and able to complete it in the desired time frame.
Please select the number of short-term outcomes for your project and describe them below. For example: Our company is better able to plan for inclusive and beneficial growth of our tea operations to meet the processing capacity of our new factory.
Please select the number of long term outcomes and describe them below. For example: Our company is able to identify an additional 2,000 farmers for our outgrower program.
Please select any negative outcomes that might arise from the project if not properly implemented.
Please list any next steps you are planning to take based on the outcomes of this project, if any. Click here for a description of each subject area.


Please provide the details below per Activity for all of the project Activities in as much detail as possible.
Please indicate the number of activities your project has. Below you will be able to provide details of each activity and will be able to upload a project file with more extensive activity information if necessary.


Include any required or desirable experience and qualifications.


Please indicate the currency in which the fees will be paid.
Please select the language in which the proposal, project correspondence and documents should be submitted.
Please provide the lowest allocated fee for the project.
Please provide the highest allocated fee for the project.
Please indicate the key criteria that you would like the Service Providers to be evaluated against when matching the ToR to Proposals. Best Value Approach is a combination of Experience, Qualification and Cost and is recommended by the SLP.
Please indicate in what form you wish to receive the budget from the Service Provider. The major cost categories are: personnel costs; travel-related costs, including transportation and per diem for services conducted away from the home office; other direct costs, such as cost of printing or communication; indirect costs, including overheads.
The SLP recommends that payment structures are milestone/deliverable based. In a deliverables or milestones-based payment plan, each deliverable or milestone has an associated fee. Payment is tied to completion and submission of each deliverable or achievement of each milestone. If you prefer an alternative payment structure, such as time-based payments, please use the other field to specify.
Please indicate the preferred reporting process that you would like the Service Provider to use. This decision will allow the Service Provider to report in the correct format and follow the correct processes from the start of the project. The SLP can help support reporting by providing suggestions on methodologies, reporting tools and indicators. For technology as a preferred reporting process, the data collection tool can be for example: TMP's Field Monitoring System - an open source monitoring and reporting system that makes use of android devices to collect and readily access data in the field, enabling participatory approaches to data management.
Please indicate any additional information that may be of interest to the Service Provider. For example: the different languages the proposal can be drafted in, also indicate if you require CV's of project team members to be submitted.
Please provide any additional documents that will aid the Service Provider in the proposal process. For Example: Previous work document, additional activity descriptions, proposed Gantt chart, additional information, data, etc.
SLP Open - Your project will be viewable by all SLP registered service providers who can then bid on your ToR.
SLP Match – Your project will only be shared with a small pool of service providers who the SLP have evaluated as the most qualified matches.