The Social License Platform provides users with training on social license and the management of social and environmental risks. This training delivers practical insights and lessons that can drive value for your business, helping you to seize opportunities and avoid risks through responsible practice.

Trainings are delivered by our Support team, drawing on international experts from leading consultants and NGOs Landesa, TMP Systems, and Earthworm Foundation. The training draws on our decades of experience working with the private sector and developing responsible and cost-effective business practices in emerging markets. We combine this with expertise from our local partners PELUM Uganda and Proforest, providing knowledge on local regulations and communities, and how best to apply those best practices in those contexts.

These trainings are currently available for free on our training site where you can access a variety of interactive courses.

Online training courses

Investor Training

Designed for investors on how to identify, manage and avoid social license risk in emerging market investments.

Responsible Business Training

This course focuses on how the SLP can support investment in procedures that assess and mitigate social and environmental risks by reducing costs and delays.

On demand training

The SLP also offers bespoke, live trainings remotely and in person for businesses operating or investing in emerging markets. If you would like to enquire about a bespoke training course please get in touch with us at