Confidentiality and Data Security


The SLP is designed to provide advice confidentially and anonymously wherever required. SLP users have complete control of the information they share on the platform, and can submit their projects either on SLP Open – our list of projects available for all registered users to view, or through SLP Match. Projects listed through SLP Match are only visible to a select group of service providers, selected by the SLP Support team – these service providers can further be required to sign an NDA before viewing the project.

What happens to my data once I share it on the platform?

The data you provide on the platform will never be sold or shared with parties beyond this site. The SLP Support Team, like you, will have access to the full set of data you provide, which will help them to find good partnerships and identify ways to improve capacity. Other SLP users will only see the public information you provided. If you would like further information, please see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. 

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